I heard about REMIND a few years back, but never used it specifically for my class until last year. Remind is basically a texting app that allows teachers to send message through their cell phone to parents, guardians, or staff members about things going on at the school or maybe things that are coming up like tests and/or special holidays or programs.

When I first started using remind last year it was very successful in communicating with the parents of my students. I really enjoy communication with my parents, and think it is a very important part of the success of my students.

I found a blog by Cath Jo Nelson, and she has laid out every specific detail on how to set up remind, use it, and make it successful for your individual needs. Here is a link to her blog for more information:

The first thing you will need to do is download the Remind app on your smart phone. If you have and apple phone then you would go to your app store. If you have an android powered phone, then you would go to your google play store. The app is absolutely free, and never will it cost you anything.

If some of your parents or guardians are limited to using remind on their smartphones, they can also have an option of using it through email.

Some ways I use remind in my classroom: On the first day of each week I send out a text to all my subscribers (parents/guardians that are signed up) letting them know what we will be working on that week and what tests we will be taking. I used remind just yesterday to remind parents / guardians that we would be celebrating “Grandparent’s Day” today at school. (We had a great turn out!)

Remind is convenient because it allows you to text parents/ guardians from your phone. It allows you to schedule messages to be sent out at a later date.

This school year I set up two different remind accounts. (Yes, you can set up more than one account. Isn’t that awesome?) I set up one specifically for my class, and I set up one for my school. I feel remind has increased our ways of getting out important information about the school, the community, and my class.

If you have an open house at your school, this is usually the best time to inform your students’ parents about remind. You can pull up the directions on your smart board, and walk them through the process while they are in your classroom. This is usually the best way. However, I know that some parents cannot or will not come to open house, therefore, you can print out the instructions and send them home with the students.

This year remind has actually set up a chat feature. This allows the subscriber to ask questions. When you respond, it will only show up someone is responding , it will not show who unless you want them to know(you will have to change that in your settings).

I hope this information helps someone out. I sure wised I would have found this blog beforehand!

You can sign up here:

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