Classroom Management!

I have debated on what to do my final assigned blog post on, and finally decided to do it on the classroom management system that I use in my classroom. I know each teacher has different ways of doing things and my way may not be good for you and your way may not be good for me. However, this system has been the most successful for me.

It is very important that you put in place a classroom management system from day one of school. A teacher cannot cut the students any slack nor show favorites to students. When I started this school year I started the very first day bu letting my students know what I would be expecting of them and what they should expect from me as their teacher. I went over the rules for the classroom, and also sent home copies of them home. I described good behavior and inappropriate behavior.

I cam up with this system last year and it worked really well so I din’t have to tweek it much. I use “class bucks” as incentives to help support positive behavior,and the students may also loose those buck  by bad behavior. Each week of school the students are given 3 class bucks to start the week off. The students can earn more bucks by getting 100’s on tests, bringing back graded papers signed, bringing in box tops, and/or old ink cartridges. On the other hand, students can loose bucks by breaking classroom rules that consist of talking in the hall, playing in the bathroom, and/ or disrupting class. I added this to the class bucks this year; If a student gets 2 bucks pulled during the day then they will loose IPAD or computer time, and if the student looses 3 bucks in a day then he or she will be writing “The Motivator” during PE. Finally, if the student looses more that 3 bucks then that student is referred to the office.

Okay, now how are the students rewarded? On Fridays ONLY, students can cash in their bucks. Some examples that I have used is : 10 bucks will get them a homework pass, 15 bucks they can go to the treasure box, 20 bucks they can sit by a friend at lunch, and 30 bucks they can move their chair by a friend in the class. This has been wonderful on my class, and the students know that they have to save their bucks for the first few weeks of school before he or she can cash in .

I have very limited space in my classroom, so this year For my classroom jobs I used a piece of burlap and laminated the jobs on card stock. I put each students number on a clothes pin and clip the clothes pin to what ever job that student will be doing that week. However, this still takes up wall space in mu classroom. I follow the blog, 3rd Grade Thoughts,” and a teacher on there had the cutest idea on how she displayed her jobs. I may try this next year. 3rd Grade Thoughts

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